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International politik (session 1): Foreign and security policy
Chairs: Sten Rynning, SDU & Anders Wivel, KU
Discussant: TBA

Peter Viggo Jakobsen (Forsvarsakademiet og SDU): Borgfred og afpolitisering: den udenrigspolitiske aktivismes afgørende forudsætning

Trine Villumsen Berling (KU): Energy security between technoscience and disaster discourses

Mikkel Sejersen (AU): When are targeted sanctions effective? How the target’s will to survive determines policy concessions in targeted sanctions cases

Camilla Sørensen (Forsvarsakademiet): Danmark som småstat eller arktisk stormagt i håndtering af Kina i Arktis?

Anine Hagemann (KU): Security as a vocation: Disciplinary developments in realism and strategic studies

Anders Wivel (KU): The Constant Outlier? Denmark as a Normal State
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International politik (session 2): Technology and Geopolitics
Chair: Peter Marcus Kristensen, KU
Discussant: Peter Marcus Kristensen, KU + TBA

Ole Wæver (KU): The International Politics of Dramatically Dangerous Technologies

Kristoffer Kjærsgaard (KU): ‘They Are Not Even There’: Towards a Topological Sensibility to Corporate Practices of Cyber Security

Rens van Munster (DIIS): Nuclear Weapons and the Transformation of IR

Tobias Liebetrau (KU): Assembling EU cybersecurity governance spaces
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International politik (session 3): Old Geo-political Threats: Russia, Arctis and Danish foreign policy
Chair: Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen (SDU)
Discussants: Jon RahbekClemmensen (SDU) + TBD

Yevgeniy Golovchenko (KU), Rebecca Adler-Nissen (KU), Mareike Hartmann (KU): Citizen Curators of Digital (Dis)information: Exploring the Role of State and Non-state Actors in the Struggle over MH17.

Uffe Jakobsen (KU): Who’s afraid of the big bad bear? The conception of “Arctic” and Russia in Danish foreign policy.

Jonas Gejl Pedersen (AU): The Russian Quest for Ontological Security: The Role of the Kosovo Crisis for the Reconstruction of Russia’s post-Soviet ‘national Self’

Rasmus Brun Pedersen (AU): Prestige-seekers in disguise? A comparative analysis of the drivers for military activism in Denmark and Belgium.

Vincent C. Keating (SDU), Olivier Schmitt (SDU): Better Putin than Stalin? Assessing the novelty of the Russian challenge to European security

Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen (SDU): The Arctic 5 as an International Regime and its Implications for Arctic Maritime Governance
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EU & europæisering (session 1): Regions, Power and Knowledge: International Relations in a Post-Western World?
Chair: Morten Valbjørn, AU
Discussant: Ole Wæver (KU)

Maiken Gelardi (AU): Global IR: What Latin America Can Offer and the Possible Pitfalls

Peter Marcus Kristensen (KU): “We just want to say that we can think” – India in Global IR

Knud Erik Jørgensen (AU): This is not the Middle East: three impact factors at play

Søren Schmidt (AAU): The Syrian conflict, external actors and the Regional Security Complex theory

Morten Valbjørn (AU): Three Ways of Discussing New Identity Politics in Middle East International Relations
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EU og europæisering (session 2): EU & europæisering 1
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Rebecca Adler-Nissen: Governance in practice : international relations’ contributions to European studies

Øyvind Svendsen, KU: Brexit and the CSDP: towards a political methodology

Pål Røren, SDU: Reciprocal recognition: How the EU became a foreign policy and diplomatic actor

Joelle Dumouchel, KU: Returning Representations to the Practice Turn: the Case of Economic Governance”

Rebeca Adler-Nissen, KU: Can Practice Theory be Critical Theory?
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EU og europæisering (session 3): EU and domestic politics and EU interinstitutional dynamics
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Knud Erik Jørgensen: The Politics of European Foreign Policy Studies

Søren von Dosenrode: Measuring Europeanisation

Jens Blom-Hansen, Daniel Finke and Roman Senninger: Protecting the turf or enriching policy proposals? Understanding coordination patterns inside the EU Commission

Jessica Sampson Thierry: The Blind Spot of Europeanisation: How Great Expectations in Brussels are Dashed by Local Practice

Karsten Tingleff Vestergaard (KU): Brexit and Euroscepticism in United Kingdom
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IP/Komparativ politik (session 1): Statsdannelse, statskapacitet og regimeudvikling
Chair: David Andersen

Jacob Gerner Hariri (KU), Asger Moll Wingender (KU): Jumping the gun. Discussant: David Andersen (AU)

David Andersen (AU), Jørgen Møller (AU): Learning from the Ancients? Athenian Democracy and the Dilemma between Bureaucratic Autonomy and Political Control. Discussant: Jacob Gerner Hariri (KU)

Jonathan Doucette (AU): Democratic Sequences and Successful Democratization Discussant: David Andersen (AU)

David Andersen (AU), Agnes Cornell (AU): Advancing Bureaucratic Quality: Democracy as a Two-Edged Sword. Discussant: Matilde Thorsen (AU)

Matilde Thorsen (AU): Fighting Poverty in Autocracies: When Dictators are Ideologically Motivated. Discussant: Jonathan Doucette (AU)

Lasse Aaskoven og Jacob Nyrop (AU): Performance and Promotions in an Autocracy: Evidence from Nazi Germany Discussant: Matilde Thorsen
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IP/Komparativ politik (session 2): War and Civil War
Chair: Michael Aagaard Seeberg
Discussant: Lasse Lykke Rørbæk

Casper Sakstrup (AU) and Jakob Tolstrup (AU): To Intervene or Not to Intervene? The Institutional Constraints on Third Party Intervention in Civil War.

Jasper Schwampe (AU) and Roman Senninger (AU): Exploring the spatiotemporal dynamics of local mobilization into foreign fighter groups

Andrej Kokkonen (AU) and Anders Sundell: Political Succession and War in Europe, 1000- 1799

Isabel Bramsen (KU): To Strike Together: Conflict Rituals and the Situational Power of Nonviolence.

Fenja Søndergaard Møller (AU): Freedom of speech and intrastate armed conflict
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Offentlig forvaltning (session 1): Styring og ledelse i den offentlige forvaltning
Chairs: Mads Leth Jakobsen, AU og Peter Aagaard, RUC
Discussant: Mads Leth Jakobsen, AU og Peter Aagaard, RUC

Anne Mette Møller, KU: Organizing knowledge in child protection: How organizational routines structure professional discretion

Morten Balle Hansen, Tilde Bertelsen og Iben Nørup, AAU: The Public Service Motivation of Mayors and City-Managers in Danish Local Government

Mathilde Cecchini, AU: Governing the ungovernable? The conditions of implementing health promoting policies in the Danish Public School

Lene Holm Pedersen, Yosef Bhatti, Rasmus Tue Pedersen og Jens Olav Dahlgaard: Less is more? Politicians’ attitudes to remuneration

Caroline Howard Grøn, KU, John Martin, La Trobe University, Australia, Niels Opstrup, SDU og Heidi Houlberg Salomonsen, AU: Turnover among CAO’s in a comparative perspective: why the increase?
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Offentlig forvaltning (session 2): Kausal inferens og effektevaluering i den offentlige sektor
Chairs: Ulrik Hvidman, AU & Asmus Leth Olsen, KU
Discussant: Ulrik Hvidman & Asmus Leth Olsen

Jens Olav Dahlgaard, Rasmus Tue Pedersen og Lene Holm Pedersen, CBS: Do remunerations for high public office lead to better politicians?

Niels Bjørn Grund Petersen, AU: Who Should Deliver the Message? An Experimental Study of Frontline Employees’ Acceptance and Use of Performance Data, When Performance is Negative

Simon Calmar Andersen og Ulrik Hvidman, AU: A Boundedly Rational Approach for Developing Bureaucratic Expertise: Evidence from a Large-scale Field Experiment.

Asmus Leth Olsen, KU: Facebook Experiments on Performance Information
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Offentlig forvaltning (session 3): Resultatbaseret styring
Chairs: Mads Bøge Kristiansen, SDU og Niels Ejersbo, Vive
Discussant, paper 1-3: Peter Bjerre Mortensen & Vibeke Normann Andersen paper 4-5: Poul Aaes Nielsen & Peter Triantafillou

Jakob Holm, AU: Managerial reactions to ambiguous performance information: A conceptual model and empirical test

Trine Laumann, Region Midtjylland Niels B. Petersen og Morten Jakobsen, AU: “Performance Information in the Eyes of Frontline Public Employees”

Morten Balle Hansen, AAU: The Challenges of Public Performance Management Systems

Hjalte Meilvang, KU: Counting The Good Life in Denmark? Citizen’s wellbeing as the performance in performance management?

Signe Pihl-Thingvad, Mads Bøge Kristiansen & Nanna Hansen, SDU: A Learning Based Approach to Performance Management: Factors driving a learningoriented use of performance information
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Politisk teori (session 1): Politisk teori 1
Chairs: Torben Bech Dyrberg og Lars Tønder
Discussant: TBA

Torben Bech Dyrberg (RUC): Public reason and religion: Testing the limits of democracy

Carsten Bagge Lausten (AU): Arendt og politisk teologi

Jørn Loftager (AU): Kritisk teori efter Trump – ideologikritik til tiden

Tore Vincents Olsen og Per Mouritsen (AU): Muslims and Public Reason in Danish Public Debate

Lars Tønder (KU): Comic Politics in a Tragic World
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Politisk teori (session 2): Politisk teori 2
Chair: Christian Rostbøll
Discussant: TBA

Allan Dreyer Hansen (RUC): Populism and democracy

Mads Agerbo Ejsing (KU): Er mere demokrati svaret på liberale demokratiers kriser?

Christian Rostbøll (KU): Popular Sovereignty and Compromise

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff (RUC): Republikansk Institutionalisme: Paul Ricæur og Emmanuel Macron

Ditte Marie Brasso Sørensen (KU): Euroscepticism and the Right
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Politisk teori (session 3): Politisk teori 3
Chair: TBA

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen (AU): The trafficking of human organs: Ethics and efficiency

Uffe Jacobsen (KU): Ideer om parlamentarisme i Grønland – eller manglen på samme

Simon Laumann Jørgensen (AAU): Children as representatives of future interests?

Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen (AU) og Lasse Nielsen (SDU): Rethinking the Practice of Naturalization

Peter Nedergaard (KU): An Ordoliberal Theory of the State
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Komparativ politik (session 2): Inequality and the Welfare State
Chair: Carsten Jensen
Discussant: TBA

Alexander Horn (AU): Crowd sourcing parties’ concepts of equality: Under what conditions can the crowd “replace” real expert judgments?

Jonathan Klüser (AU): Social Policy Responsiveness: When People Deserve, Politicians Act

Amalie Sofie Jensen et al. (KU): Household Balance Sheets and Social Policy Preferences: New Survey Evidence

Marianne Ulriksen (AU): Political and institutional drivers of social security policy in South Africa

Christian Albrekt Larsen (AAU): Things should be how they are. Status-quo heuristic behind public attitudes towards migrants' access to welfare entitlements in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany
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Komparativ politik (session 3): Political Instability and Violence
Chair: Merete Bech Seeberg
Discussant: Jakob Tolstrup

Vilde Lunnan Djuve (AU): On the thresholds of instability: Defining and measuring instability in autocratic polities

Henrikas Bartusevičius (AU), Florian van Leeuwen (AU): Inequality, relative deprivation, and political violence: Survey evidence from 34 countries

Alexander Taaning Grundholm (AU): Forcing Their Hand. Exploring the Repression-Uprising Nexus

Suthan Krishnarajan (AU): Economic Performance, the Emergence of Natural Resources, and Irregular Leader Removal.

Livia Rohrbach (KU): Territorial Self-Governance Outside the Club of Well-Established Democracies: What Are the Prospects for Peace?
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Aktører, institutioner og offentlig politik (session 1): Party behavior and party competition
Chair: Michael Baggesen Klitgaard
Discussant: TBA

Camilla Bjarnøe and Christian Elmelund-Præstekær (SDU): Competing over Competence and Character. How the Government and the Opposition Utilize NonIssue Frames

Mads Thau (AU): Rethinking party electoral strategies: Groupbased appeals, policy-based appeals, and party competition in Britain

Flemming Juul Christiansen (RUC): “Cooperation and Conflict. How Party Competition Affects Coalition Governance during Parliamentary Government”

Thomas A. Kristensen (AU): Societal Problems and party competition

Henrik Seeberg (AU): Do the party with issue ownership have the median voter on its side?
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Aktører, institutioner og offentlig politik (session 2): MPs behavior
Chair: Henrik Bech Seeberg
Discussant: TBA

Johannes Andersen (AAU): Den moderne politikerrolle

Benjamin Carl Egerod (KU): The Lure of the Private Sector: Career prospects affect the selection out of public service

Christoffer Green-Pedersen & Peter Mortensen et al. (AU): When do MPs ask questions to the minister?

Phillip Pechmann (AU): Strategic Policymaking for the Long Run: How Policymakers’ Considerations of Feedback Effects Influence Policy Design

Anne Binderkrantz, Helene Pedersen & Marie Kaldahl (AU): The route to Parliament: How important is a career in the political party?
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Aktører, institutioner og offentlig politik (session 3): How parties/parliaments interact with the surroundings
Chairs: Henrik Bech Seeberg & Michael Baggesen Klitgaard

Søren Kølbæk (AU): Preferences, budgets and responsiveness in Danish municipalities

Wiebke Marie Junk (KU): No umbrella, no voice? On the role of permanent coalition structures in securing lobbying access

Benjamin Carl Egerod and Martin Vinæs Larsen (KU): Are Danish Municipalities Responsive?

Anne Rasmussen (KU): TBA

Lars Thorup Larsen (AU): Legitimizing Positive Health for All. A Genealogy of the WHO's Health Definition
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Politisk kommunikation og adfærd (session 1): Vælgeradfærd
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Jonas Hedegaard Hansen (KU): The effect of a three week democracy teaching program on young citizens' political efficacy

Kasper Møller Hansen (KU): Voting behavior and turnout

Mogens K. Justesen (CBS), Anders Woller (KU), Jacob Gerner Hariri (KU): Electoral clientelism and the cost of voting

Joshua Robison (AU), Rune Stubager (AU), Mads Thau (AU): Does class-based campaigning work? How social class appeals attract and polarize Danish voters

Lene Aarøe (AU), Michael Bang Petersen (AU): Pathogen avoidance motivations and opposition to cultural and racial outgroups
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Politisk kommunikation og adfærd (session 1): Politisk kommunikation
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Julie Hassing Nielsen (KU), Dan Mønster (AU): In the eye of the beholder: How affective style impacts political news consumption

Martin Bisgaard (AU), Rune Slothuus (AU): The Power of Political Parties to Influence Public Opinion on Salient Issues

Kim Andersen (SDU): Who Watches Soft News and How Does It Affect Their Political Participation

Mats Joe Bordacconi (SDU): Personality Traits, Media Format, and Selective Exposure

Mathias Tromborg (AU), Randy Stevenson, David Fortunato, Nick Lin: Accountability in complex information environments
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Politisk kommunikation og adfærd (session 2): Holdningsdannelse 1
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Lasse Laustsen (AU), Alexander Bor (AU): Out-party bias and candidate trustworthiness – Evidence from seven countries

Frederik Hjorth (KU), Peter Thisted Dinesen (KU), Kim Mannemar Sønderskov (AU): Partisan prejudice in a low-polarization context

Julie Hassing Nielsen (KU), Dan Mønster (AU): The Affective Style of Politics: How Affective style influence political behavior

Rasmus Tue Pedersen (CBS), Jens Olav Dahlgaard (CBS): Political rewards and trust: High pay for politicians decrease political trust among voters

Sanne L. Clement (AAU): Web mode effects in high coverage countries? Comparisons of web and paper modes in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland
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Politisk kommunikation og adfærd (session 3): Holdningsdannelse 2
Chair: TBA
Discussant: TBA

Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen (AU), Christoph Arndt (AU): Ethnic Threat, Welfare and Political Realignment: Denmark as a Case Toward American Ethnicity Coding

Christian Albrekt Larsen (AAU), Johannes Andersen (AAU): Unge kvinders syn på støvsugning og 8-16

Frederik Jørgensen (AU), Mathias Osmundsen (AU): How Numeracy of Immigrant Integration and Numbers Shapes Attitudes

Troels F. Hedegaard (AAU), Hidde Bekhuis (Nijmegen): A Migration Effect? Comparing the Acculturation of Russians in Western Europe to Russians in Three Former Soviet Countries on Attitudes Towards Government Responsibility

Karen N. Breidahl (AAU): Dual or divided loyalties? National identity and pride among first and second generation immigrants in Denmark and Western Europe

Bolette Danckert (AU), Peter Thisted Dinesen (KU), Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen (KU), Kim Mannemar Sønderskov (AU) & Søren Dinesen Østergaard (AU): War on my mind: Terror in immigrants’ country of origin increases risk of mental disorder
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