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International politik (session 3): Old Geo-political Threats: Russia, Arctis and Danish foreign policy
Chair: Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen (SDU)

Discussants: Jon Rahbek Clemmensen (SDU) and Jonas Gejl Petersen (AU)

Yevgeniy Golovchenko (KU), Rebecca Adler-Nissen (KU), Mareike Hartmann (KU): Citizen Curators of Digital (Dis)information: Exploring the Role of State and Non-state Actors in the Struggle over MH17

Uffe Jakobsen (KU): Who’s afraid of the big bad bear? The conception of “Arctic” and Russia in Danish foreign policy

Jonas Gejl Pedersen (AU): The Russian Quest for Ontological Security: The Role of the Kosovo Crisis for the Reconstruction of Russia’s post-Soviet ‘national Self’

Rasmus Brun Pedersen (AU): Prestige-seekers in disguise? A comparative analysis of the drivers for military activism in Denmark and Belgium

Vincent C. Keating (SDU), Olivier Schmitt (SDU): Better Putin than Stalin? Assessing the novelty of the Russian challenge to European security

Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen (SDU): The Arctic 5 as an International Regime and its Implications for Arctic Maritime Governance
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